Restart Ventures

Distressed Venture Capital for corporates, VCs, family offices and startups

When startups need a restart

Timing is paramount for startups, and resources must be managed carefully in order to reach market fit. And sometimes you’ve built something worthy that customers like and you’re starting to gain traction, but there’s no more cash and you can’t raise more capital.

Investors often pudically refer to these situations as “operational or financial challenges” or “special situations”. Provided requirements concerning addressable market, team, product and customers are met, Restart Ventures can help, by refinancing and restructuring the venture in the best interest of investors and founders.

For VCs, family offices and startups

In accordance with investors and founders, Restart Ventures takes a majority stake in cash-dried startups, restructurates them and gives them a second life

For corporates

Restart Ventures intervenes in carve out operations of digital assets and/or digital BUs/subsidiaries.

We can also buy a target on behalf of your company, restructure it, derisk ops and pass it back to you.

Where others see doom, we see opportunity

What we are looking for:

Digital startups or BUs

SaaS, tech-enabled services and CPG

Previously raised

€10M or more

€2M – €20M


Our team

We are 3 serial entrepreneurs. We have launched or restructured more than 10 digital companies and sold 4 of them.

Jérôme SERRE



Don’t wait until it’s too late

The more you wait, the harder a pivot will be.

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